What Kind of People Will Not Succeed in Life?

  • People who keep goats (read: scapegoats). Part of being human is the (frequent) occurrence of mistakes. To err is human, after all. Don’t transfer ownership of your mistakes to someone else; instead, own the messy stickiness out of it and welcome it for the invaluable lesson it will come to be. In the event that the mistake belongs to someone else, apply the following: “To err is human; to forgive, divine” – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who not only shows mercy towards himself, but even more so towards others.
  • “Thank you” does not live here. There are few things in life as ugly in nature as that of the ungrateful heart. Somewhere in the world someone has made/makes/will make a lot of sacrifices for your benefit. Perhaps you never got/get/will get the “thank you” for the sacrifices you have made and you know what? That’s okay. Don’t let the unappreciative attitude of someone steal the loveliness of someone else hearing the words “thank you” coming from your mouth.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who humbles himself daily with a grateful heart.
  • My actions towards you are determined by your actions towards me. Now this is a difficult one! We have all encountered – and will continue to do so – all sorts of people in our lives: loving people and not-so-loving people; light-and-easy-as-a-gentle-breeze kind of people and…well…some not so light and easy. Some people will get deep under your skin where they will claw away at the last thread of civility and patience you have left. Some will suck the very light and life from you without even blinking an eye. It is of the utmost importance to remember this:
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who does not allow his own actions to be dictated by that of others.
  • Inie-menie-mynie.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who knows that it’s not only and always about him.
  • They. Sometimes we can so easily become preoccupied with what others think of us. Nobody knows your innermost thoughts, feelings, and stories better than yourself, and therefore nobody will ever have true insight as to the “what”, “how”, and “why” that move you, direct you, and make you “you.” People will always have their opinions, just as you will always have yours. If you believe in God, His opinion of you is all that truly matters, and if you do not believe in God, your opinion of you is all that truly matters. It really is as simple as that.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who lives freely and unashamedly, refusing to be tied down by the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • Why so serious? Life sure has a varied sense of humour and blessed is the one who graciously accepts its lemony gifts. Whether life’s humour is presented to you as dark, dry, farcical, or slapstick (hello, old friend!), choose to see it for what it is: life.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who knows that life, in all its seriousness, should sometimes not be taken TOO seriously.
  • Low-love. Do you possess all of the above mentioned qualities and attitudes, together with the other self-evident ingredients such as “hard work”, “focus”, “ambition”, and “discipline?” Good. You are now well on your way towards succeeding in life. But there is one final ingredient – the most important one! – which is not only paramount to your life’s recipe, but also to the taste it will leave behind in the mouths of many others long after you’re gone: Don’t be an a***hole.
    • The person who will succeed in life is the one who knows that compassion, empathy, and love will forever remain above all.

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