What’s the hardest truth of life?

Truth is always bitter…out of my experience so far in life I feel at some point of time everyone faces the real truth of life…

  • People judge without knowing about you and just merely by external appearances,or rumours spread about you. mostly people take the negative side of yours and try to demotivate you.
  • Regretting for not following one’s passion in his/her career kills a person emotionally. No matter how elder someone grows by moving also , its tough to tolerate this regret.
  • Money, grades, beauty, strategies win over a gentle heart, creativity, character, and kindness.
  • Love is very powerful, it can make you or break you, it can build you or destroy you into your pieces, and you end up falling for that no matter how hard you try .
  • Its very hard when you donno if you should let go or stick to any situation or person, this confusion may bring many changes in your life.
  • Succeeding is not always in achieving something, but sometimes failures teach you alot… failure shows you who are the real people that stay with you in your bad times, it gives a chance to build yourself for a new challenge.
  • Not everyone who says they would stay with you forever really means that , whether if its family or friends.
  • Its ok to say “NO” to things , to people who aren’t worthy enough. There is no need to compromise all the times.
  • Ultimately its you who can live your life, learn from everyone and follow none. Life is what you make it…
  • Last but not least, you feel more itchy when you apply mehendi on your hands … you gotta see many food items, smell them when you are damn hungry but you cant eat immediately… no matter how much your mother scolds you at the end of the day she is the angel of your life… just for fun.

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