5 Things You Need to Get Rid of Before You Move – Local Records Office

HARRISBURG, PA – Moving into a new home should be an exciting and a time for a fresh start. Getting rid of all the unused junk that piles up in the back of our closets and cabinets should be the first thing that is thrown out.


All the shoes and clothes you haven’t wore in years needs to go and so does the old magazines that are only taking up space. We aren’t talking about getting rid of the things you don’t want, all the things you haven’t used in months and will likely wont use in the future needs to go.

5 Things You Need to Get Rid of Before You Move – Local Records Office


When it comes to deciding what stays and what goes you need to use the 3-purpose method: function, aesthetic or sentimental value. Obviously the vintage leather bag your great-grandmother gave you stays since it has sentimental value, but the random magazines from your favorite pop artist you used to listen to when you were a kid needs to go.


“Many people keep things because they think they just might use it in the future but they never do” says, Pablo Ferry a professional organizer from the beautiful city Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “As humans we have a habit of herding things that we might use but we never end up using and this is what creates junk in our home” says, Ferry.


Some of the items are hard to get rid of we all know that but you probably wont use the pair of shoes that are a size too small and have the rubber sole coming from being too old. Here are the most common this we like to hoard without knowing.


  1. Way Too Old Bed Sheets and Covers


We use our bed to sleep every night so the sheets and covers get washed over and over again and overtime they start to collect stains from expose to sweat, oils and dropped food that doesn’t come off anymore, so the question is “when was the last time you replaced your sheets and covers?


On top of being a stain collecting bed sheet the elastic starts to wear off and it starts looking saggy and old.


  1. Old Unused Shoes


It is perfectly normal for us to start adding pairs of shoes to our personal collection over time but when is it enough? Enough is when you only wear 1-2 pairs but have 10 pairs sitting in the closet collecting dust. You should have a pair for each occasion, 1 for working out, 1 casual pair and 1 for special occasions. There should be a reason for you to have 6 working out shoes in 6 different colors but only use 1 pair.


Podiatrists recommend replacing workout shoes every 2-3 years to avoid feet and back problems but also keep in mind when replacing your old shoes make sure to donate or throw away the old pair.


“I had a buddy who had a pair of torn converse sneakers with a hole on the right shoe from 11 years ago sitting in the closet that he completely forgot about” says, Fred Franks an apartment renter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  1. Cosmetics and Toiletries


Just like most things, skin and beautify products don’t last forever. When you move throw away all the old half-used products under the bathroom and kitchen sink.


“When my girlfriend and I started packing to move to another apartment I noticed how much junk my she had under the bathroom sink. I couldn’t believe all the different types of lotions I found and don’t get me started on the all unused hair products” says, Jack Harris an apartment renter in Harrisburg, PA. “90% of the bathroom drawers were being used by my girlfriend and from all those products she only used 3 or 4” says, Harris.


This isn’t just for the women, men also have toiletries too. Men usually hoard disposable shavers, shaving cream and other miscellaneous items.


  1. Clothes


We all like to wear new clothes specially when we start losing weight. But some of us will not get rid of the old clothes. It’s understandable that some clothes was too expensive to just throw away or donate, in that case sell it on eBay. eBay is known for having a variety of items so your Tommy Hilfiger jackets and your Guess vintage pair of jeans will get a new life with someone else while you get some cash back.


Donating your clothes to Goodwill that you haven’t used in over 2 years is a great way to start. Some thrift stores like Savers thrift store will give you 30% off discount each time you donate.


“I accomplished my weight loss goal of 50lbs pounds and the majority of my work clothes didn’t fit anymore. Since some of the clothes were used 2 or 3 times I decided to sell it on eBay and Buffalo Exchange for quick cash” says, Quinton Jefferson a new homeowner in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “My vintage jeans were in excellent condition I couldn’t just hrow them away because I had lost a few pounds.” Says, Jefferson.


  1. Old Computers


With technology moving so fast old computers seem to be in almost every home. The most common reason why folks don’t want to get rid of old a computer is because of the data that gets saved in the hard drives. It’s understandable but that old computer is also taking up a lot of space in your home. Just like your clothes you could sell it online to get a few extra bucks as long as you remember to remove and replace the hard drive.


“I’m what some people may call a gadget junky, a gadget junky is someone who purchase new electronics that comes out, I’ve been buying gadgets since I was a kid and I now have a bunch of old electronics what aren’t worth anything and are now taking up space” says, Curtis Jackson a renter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “Now that I’m moving to a smaller apartment I’m realizing that I have a bunch of junk laying around” , says Jackson.


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