How to Wake Up Refreshed After a Red Eye Flight

How to wake up refreshed after a red eye flight:

How to Wake Up Refreshed After a Red Eye Flight

Try to buy the latest flight out, so you’ll hopefully be tired when the time comes.

Plan ahead. When I’m traveling to the East Coast and need to take a red eye, I try to wake up super early the week before to get myself to adjust to that time zone and to make sure I’m tired on the night of the flight.

Make your playlist. I always find listening to music helps me fall asleep, and I have a sleeping playlist that helps me out with this. Know that you probably won’t have internet access, so you’ll have to download one to your device. My favorites are in a Spotify playlist here, but also check out Spotify’s totally lyric-free Deep Focus playlist. Here is a great party mix

Dress comfortably. I normally wear leggings, a cute t-shirt and have a sweater of some sort in case the flight is cold. I also always bring socks so I can take off my shoes.

Pack some red eye essentials for the flight. For me this is a blow up neck pillow, an eye mask, headphones, face wash wipes, an iPod and a water bottle. Oh and probably a snack.

Have a few glasses of red wine before you get on the plane. Airport bars are one of my favorite places to hang out and red wine always makes me sleepy.

Make sure you board the right plane

Get ready for bed before you even get on the flight. Wash your face, brush your teeth, take out your contacts if you have them.

During the flight, do your best to relax and sleep, listening to your awesome sleep time playlist. I normally suggest not taking any sleep meds because the flight isn’t that long, but the wine helps.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, be sure to drink some water and consider using another facewash wipe. Your skin will thank you later.

When you land and get off the plane, get ready for the day as best as you can. Wash your face again, brush your teeth, maybe even use a little dry shampoo if you have it.

If you’re lucky, take a nap at your first location, or hopefully have a rest in the afternoon. Even if you sleep the whole flight, you’re unfortunately still gonna be tired the next day. Unless 4 hours of sleep is all you need. Then god bless you.

What are your tips for waking up refreshed after a red eye?


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