Why Are Some People Desperate to Get Married Under the Age of 29?

The media makes every one feel that you are only young in your 20’s. By the damn hype that has been created, people assume that on their 30th birthday, their hair shall turns white and they will need a walking stick after that.

I cruelly congratulate my friends on their 30th birthday that they are now semi-senior citizens (the minimum age for senior citizens is 60 in my country) and that they are half way through to retirement. You see the panic on their faces!!! Ha ha ha. They realize that half their life is over and they haven’t accomplished much. So they get married!!!

Married Because of Age?

The worst part is the double standards of women on matrimonial websites. If you are above 30, you automatically get a stigma from women that you mustn’t be good marriage material (else someone would have already picked you up). So you are interrogated thoroughly.

Hence I love seeing the panic of women turning 30. Through her 20’s, She waited for prince charming but he never arrived. So she now she lowers her standards and gets in touch with the guys who used to chase her but were never good enough for her. But guess what, he already settled for a girl long back. So she marries most willing sucker with the bucks.

Not to forget..the stigma of the society. When I was unmarried, my neighbors and married friends never bothered to invite me for tea or dinner. Now that I am married, I am invited for tea, dinner, picnics, couple’s movies, events and what not.


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