What Are the Lessons People Most Often Learn Too Late in Life?

My mom is 60 years old. I asked her about her life experience yesterday and she just answered me this morning. Mom said there are times she wishes some experiences had come a bit earlier in life but she’s glad to have them in her back pocket now.

  • The lesson most people often learn too late in life is the lesson itself. Many people still don’t acknowledge the fact there are plenty of lessons that you can learn in this life without being aware of words ‘too early’ or ‘too late’. Every day is a chance to learn but it won’t be every day when people learn about ‘when’. Mom said there’s no time limit, start or stop whenever you want. Just do it!


  • The only approval you need is your own. Spend your time and energy for being comfortable in your own skin. Learn to seek your own approval and attract people who appreciate what you have to offer. The rest are welcome to look for guidance elsewhere.


  • Be a more patient person and understand that things will fall into place at the right time. You want things yesterday, when you decide you want to achieve something you want it right away, and when you decide you want to change or improve yourself you too want this to happen right away. Mom said patience isn’t always easy, that’s why it must be practiced. The strength of being patient can help you to control your emotions, learn to make yourself wait, and be aware of your thoughts so you can do a lot of good when you have a million things going through your head.


  • Appreciate every experience. Embrace the experience and be happy that you do appreciate it after the fact or at all! Mom said one day you have to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.

Thank you Mom.



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