What Are the Top Bad Habits to Stop Immediately or I’ll Regret Big Time Later in Life?

  • Making friends — I’m 26 now, and I spent 3 years in undergrad, and 2 in community college. Out of those 5 years, I have no contacts from school. I may have a few numbers at my disposal, but none of which are people I could call if I were too drunk to drive home.


  • Procrastination — I am sure other answers already mention this, but this is possibly mixed in with #1. This is why I spent 2 years in undergrad due to my lack of urgency.


  • Dating — While I do not regret staying monogamous, I rarely went around testing the field. This was because I was a scared, passive aggressive, and simply afraid of rejection.


  • Major in something high in demand — I choose sociology under the pretense of me wanting to learn about other cultures, as well as help people. My father influenced this decision because he considered me to be a selfish person. If I could go back, I would do business, or STEM. The job market sucks for Liberal Art majors, and I am working a job now only because of my mother, and sister both being references, and my coworkers.


  • Say NO — This ties in with my passive aggressiveness, and my fear of rejection. Typically, I have a bad habit of going ghost instead of saying NO to a person, or fuck off. I care too much about a persons feelings, and the last thing I want to do is make a person cry. Going back, if I did learn how to say no sooner rather than later, I would have saved myself from a lot of built up aggression with particular relationships in my life.


  • Putting myself first — Again, this ties in to #5. Because I was never able to stand up for myself, I did plenty of regretful favors in the past for people who are no longer relevant in my life. I would go out of my way to buy food, give rides, and talk on the phone for hours to people because I wanted to prove my loyalty to a friend, or a romantic interest.

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