If You Could Tell Your Younger Self One Thing, What Would it be And Why?

Story #1 by William Beteet

  1. Stop Watching Porn – It gives you ED when you’re twenty and greatly affect your ability to connect with women. Also you spend about two hours a day watching porn, that’s almost 1000 hours a year. That’s enough time to learn a trade to the point where you can get paid for it. So even though the porn is free it’s still costing you money.
  2. “God Watched the Holocaust Happen What Makes You Think He’ll Make Her Love You?” – Your life isn’t a rom com, and God isn’t conspiring to make Tianna love you. There are a host of bad habits that you have that are keeping women away from you. Rather than pray for the world to change, put effort in learning about the world around you, so you can change for the better.
  3. Stop Lying – Every time you tell someone a lie, you are telling yourself that they are more important than you. You are telling them that who you are isn’t enough for them. Stop lying, you’re an interesting dude, and your lies get in the way of you take pride in that.
  4. Stop Smoking Cigarettes – Pretty self explanatory, save the six grand a year and take writing classes.
  5. Lift Weights + Cook Your Own Meals – Eventually you’ll get a hot body.
  6. Audiobooks While You Walk – I don’t see you picking up a book and reading at this point of your life, but please listen to audiobooks while you’re walking to class.
  7. Manipulate Yourself Successful – Look Will, over the next eight years you learn a bunch of strategies on how to be more efficient, here’s a video on some ways to manipulate yourself into being productive.


Story #2 by Matt McGorry

This answer would entirely depend on if that advice could influence who I am today.  When people ask this question, I usually think of it as a roundabout way of asking what I would change about my life today, assuming that the advice would affect my decisions along the way. If it could change my path, I wouldn’t give any advice … even if it could ease any pain in the journey. I really don’t regret anything in life because all of the struggles, hardships, and things I’ve had to overcome have made me the person that I am today. I’m always striving to be better and to enjoy life more, but I feel pretty good about where I’m at, and wouldn’t really want to wave a magical wand to change any of it. All we can do is continually try to be a better and more loving version of ourselves. But ultimately, I love that I give a lot less fucks about what many people think as I get older. On second thought, maybe I’d tell myself to really savor eating a pint of ice cream every week because your metabolism is going to hit a dead end at 28.


Story #3 by Sibell Loitz

Actually a lot of things – and I must admit that I sometimes struggle in realizationwith those things 😉

Emotions are temporary

Never forget that every feeling you feel is just temporary. We all have bad times and sometimes it feels like there is no improvement in sight. The good thing about bad emotions/bad times are that it is just temporary. The only constant thing in life ischange – therefore better times will come.

Learn to remain calm and cool

The ability to remain calm especially in hard times will have an huge impact to your performance. People who are able to remain calm can control their emotions and as well they do not allow themselves to be carried on by their bad emotions. Furthermore it will help you to clear your mind and being able to see options that opens up new doors.

We all know that’s impossible to focus on what is essential when we are blocked or angry/sad… Consequences are panicky reactions – in such moods we are at our worst.

For me staying calm has a lot to do with accepting life and the pain life can bring along. If we manage staying calm, I guess it shows that we learned respecting others as well as ourselves.

It would make life so much easier.

“Calmness is the cradle of power.”

Josiah Gilbert Holland

People actually do not care as much as we think


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