Ugly Truths of Life

I have knowledge that allows me to provide matching summary and conclusion levels of learning, and in some subjects such as financial markets and psychology extreme levels of detail. This summary and conclusion allows people to go and then search for the detail to suit their life and choices but with a framework knowing that the start and end are the same, it provides a backstop no matter what mistakes they make looking for the detail.

Speaking with a lecturer I know I said in passing maybe I can use this knowledge to teach college graduates to explore thereby allowing society to grow benefiting everyone. It turns out he passed my details to a college who sent me a long email, in summary, they and all other colleges are looking for lecturers to create ‘workers’, people who go in to society and add their small part but don’t ‘find’ anything new.

This was my response.

I apologies I did not respond earlier, I have had a pressing global issue to deal with, however that is now mitigated.

Further to your information and my interest, in the process of analysing the above event I have come to some conclusions.

One of which is that I am an explorer by nature and a caretaker by necessity, this means I really do not fit in to current society.

The reason for the interest was to help the next generation create a foundation with my knowledge of 6sigma micro and macro events.

Unfortunately this causes visible friction with all current forms of education, given the events it is not something I wish to contest at present.

When you are born in to the world you cannot control the timing, if you are an explorer in a world of workers there is very little need for your skills or knowledge, you are in the wrong cycle. It doesn’t matter if you have found society changing processes to make the world a better place, which I annoyingly have and more than one, you will not receive a Nobel Prize for it if you are out of the cycle.

The point of life is to look at yesterday, today, and tomorrow in equal measure, but everyone is so focused on today they forget about the past and the future. Which means the next generation are being taught to be workers, there is zero entrepreneurial knowledge and even if there were here is so much bureaucracy they will get nowhere very fast.

I have the knowledge to walk though the maze, and thought I would pass that on, it’s just not going to happen which would leave me having to set up my own foundation and bypass the system. To me that seems very excessive, but then so is teaching the next generation to be good workers and ignoring the past and the future, indenting them rather than setting them free.


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