Top 5 Most Photographed Places in the US

Visit any major American attraction, and you’ll see the same thing: swarms of tourists pointing their GoPros, iPads, and retro Leicas at everything in sight. Will their photos be worth looking at? Probably not. Will they be uploaded to social media anyway? Of course they will.

But which of our nation’s tourist sights are photographed the most? Times Square? The Golden Gate Bridge? The world’s largest ball of string?!?

Guess what, it’s none of those. At least not according to Sightsmap, which pulls geotag data from a Google-powered photo-sharing app to find the most photographed landmarks around the world. Nope, it’s actually these 5 surprising spots.

The Cinderella Castle

Orlando, FL
Sure, the walls are made of fiberglass instead of stone, but this Magic Kingdom monument is still pretty much the most impressive castle we’ve got in the States — it’s also arguably Disney’s biggest icon after Mickey Mouse.

Add in the thousands of visitors the park gets daily and the massive picturesque fireworks show held over the castle every night.

Southernmost House

Key West, FL
As its name suggests, this historic inn’s location on Key West puts it closer to the equator than any other residence on US soil. Constructed in 1896, Southernmost House has hosted many notable figures throughout history, from JFK to Truman Capote.

The Space Needle

Seattle, WA
It might not be the tallest tower in the world, but the Space Needle’s been the most iconic part of Seattle’s skyline since its construction in 1962 for the World’s Fair. Once visitors have snapped their shot, they can take a scenic 41-second elevator ride 500ft up to the rotating SkyCity restaurant, then go an extra 20ft up to the Observation Deck.

The Site of the Boston Massacre

Boston, MA
In case you were too busy playing paper football in social studies class, here’s a quick summary: British troops shot and killed five colonial civilians on this spot in 1770, contributing directly to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. The commemorative cobblestone marker is a more recent addition, but the Old State House behind it was built back in 1715, and is the oldest remaining public building in Boston.

The Bellagio lake/fountains

Las Vegas, NV
The Vegas strip is littered with photo ops, but anyone who’s seen the end of Ocean’s Eleven (Clooney, not Sinatra) knows the dancing waters in front of the Bellagio present an especially alluring spectacle. The fountain’s water feature is comprised of 1,200 nozzles and 4,500 lights, and its recurring performances (every 30 or 15 mins, depending on the time of day) vary based on the music they’re set to.


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