How Do People From an Educated Background Survive in Prison?

I’m not a CEO or anything, but I’m quite a bit smarter than most inmates, and the kind of people of whom you speak tended to gravitate to me.

It might surprise you to learn that people from an educated background and high-profile job tend to do very well in prison. The guys I have known with those qualifications tended to carry themselves with the kind of confidence and dignity that wins over people of all socioeconomic classes.

I’ll never forget one guy, and I’m going to go ahead and give his name. I’ll give my reason for that shortly. Michael Guess was his name. Michael was a solid Christian businessman who had quite a lot of success at some thing or another, don’t recall. We never discussed it but I’m certain he had some advanced degree. And he was in for molesting his own daughter.

He always said he didn’t do it. And don’t believe the lie that everyone in prison protests his innocence, most guys in there own up to what they did, even the child molesters. They don’t boast about it, obviously, but your fellow inmates are kinda like a second jury – if you say you didn’t do it but they think you did, they’ll punish you more than if you just admit to it.

Still, there was something about the way Michael made his case that caused a lot of people to believe him when he said he was innocent – something in the eyes, maybe in the matter-of-factness of his demeanor. He never got beat up, as most child molesters do, never got his commissary stolen, never had any trouble I recall. People showed him respect, because he was respectable, and carried himself with a great deal of SELF-respect.


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