Top GoPro 5 Features That Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve all been waiting for the new GoPro 5 but when it was release a few days ago it was better than expected. Here are the top GoPro 5 features.


One problem with the microphone on older GoPros is that it tends to pick up noise and other background distractions. The GoPro Hero 5 offers three microphones with an advanced wind/noise reduction system boosting their quality. It’ll automatically pick up which two microphones are best to use, circumventing any issues caused by wind or background noises.

The microphones themselves are updated, offering a superior stereo quality. It’ll make a huge difference to your recordings, especially when used in conjunction with the next most exciting new feature.


Want to record footage while diving or swimming? That’s now an option thanks to the GoPro Hero 5 being waterproof for up to 33ft/10m. Its built-in waterproofing mean there’s no need for additional external casing, ensuring you get a sleeker experience but with more options open to you.

The GoPro Hero 4 offered waterproofing via a separate protective case, but being free of this need is a big game changer. Is 33 feet still not enough for you? You can always buy an external casing to extend that. Odds are the built-in waterproofing will be plenty for the majority of users, and will lend itself in particular to avid watersports fans.

Picture Quality

The GoPro Hero 4 already offered 4K recording capabilities, but the GoPro Hero 5 builds upon that and makes it even better. With a new HDR mode for dynamic shots, as well as a new field of view option called Linear, you can remove fisheye effects and generally enjoy better quality footage.

A video stabilization engine further adds to the image improvements, smoothing out footage as and when needed. Those who prefer static images will appreciate the ability to snap 12-megapixel RAW images for the first time, adding to the options available.


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