Is it REALLY Worth Upgrading to the New iPhone 7?

So, Apple has finally outed the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and, for the most part, the rumor mill was pretty much spot on. Of course, there were a couple of surprises, like the doubled storage across all tiers, and a few expected disappointments, like the lack of a headphone jack. So, now that we know most there is to know about Apple’s new flagships, one can make an informed decision whether they want to upgrade their old iPhone or not. Let’s check out everything you need to consider!


Whether you are coming from an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or their Plus brethren, you won’t notice much of a difference in design and feel. The form-factor is the same, so your hand will be instantly at home. The antenna strips have been moved to the edge of the phone and look less like “panties”, so if that has been a pet peeve of yours, you may be happy to switch to an iPhone 7.
On the other hand, the camera bump has gotten a bit more unsightly, especially on the Plus module, where it now houses two sensors. We’ll talk more about the cameras in a bit, and there’s definitely a positive tradeoff here, but from a design standpoint — the new look may require a bit of getting used to.
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are also water-resistant, which is a first for Apple’s handset line. With a rating of IP 67, splashes, spills, and even the occasional submersion in the kitchen sink should not cause the device to go haywire. So, if you like to take your iPhone with you in the shower or by the pool — upgrading to a 7 might be a smart investment.
There are also the two new colors — if you have been craving a stealthy black iPhone, or even a glossy one, now, for the first time in years, you can have one.
So, in the design department, there’s no direct answer. If you were hoping for an exciting new design that would entice you to switch — sorry, the iPhone still looks more or less how it used to look 2 years ago. On the other hand, if you were happy with the old design, and want to freshen things up a bit with more discreet antenna bands, a new color, and possibly a glossy finish — the iPhone 7 / Plus will do just that.


Apple has, again, made some pretty notable upgrades to both cameras. While in past years, the only iPhones that would have optical image stabilization (OIS) on their camera sensors were the Plus variants, this time around, even the regular, small iPhone 7 has an OIS module. This is, of course, great, and will improve photography in a noticeable way. OIS does a lot to eliminate blurs when the user’s hands are a bit shaky, and makes night shots better, when blurriness is usually hard to avoid, due to the fact that the shutter needs to stay open for longer.


As you can see, whether you should upgrade to an iPhone 7 is not exactly a “yes / no” question. The new design is not so new, and we are pretty sure that, while the Black and Jet Black finishes look undeniably cool, two new colors not really going to cause a lot of people to upgrade.
To get the proper answer, you need to take into account what you value most in your handset. Is it the jack, which you use to connect the phone to your favorite headphones, external speakers, and car audio? If so — how willing are you to always carry an extra dongle with you just so you can link your phone to your audio peripherals?
Or is it smartphone photography that you value most? If that’s the case, then upgrading to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is a no-brainer. The same goes if you just want to have the fastest Apple-made processor in your pocket, even if it’s just for the sake of having it.

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