Should We Be Worried About Korea’s H-Bomb?

On Wednesday, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. As with many of the Hermit Kingdom’s claims, plenty of people came forward to say that this boast was overblown.

At the time of the blast, United States Geological Survey measured seismic waves equivalent to a 5.1 magnitude earthquake, which is consistent with a nuclear explosion, but more likely indicative of an atomic bomb than the much more powerful hydrogen bomb. Pyongyang also said it was capable of miniaturizing its nuclear weapons and attaching them to rockets, meaning it would feasibly be able to blast them at all its imperialist pig-dog enemies in the USA—but obviously, these claims haven’t yet been verified.

Regardless, politicians around the world—including ones in China China, North Korea’s largest ally—were quick to issue statements denouncing the totalitarian government. For instance, the UK shadow foreign minister Hilary Benn said: “If verified, the nuclear test carried out by North Korea represents a clear violation of numerous UN Security Council Resolutions and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”


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