Pangu iPhone 9.3.3 Jailbreak Update

Reports that though the Pangu team has successfully completed the iOS 9.9.3 jailbreak, the device will still be somewhat connected, which means that a jailbroken device that was restarted will still have to be jailbroken again afterward. As soon as the device is restarted, users will have to run Cydia. The process, however, is incredibly easy, and it can be accomplished with a single tap on the device’s home screen. Previous versions of the team’s jailbreak of the iOS 9.9.3 were said to be riddled with bugs and several other issues.

Also, the same Pangu team was reportedly able to jailbreak the upcoming iOS 10. Apple previously released a public beta which gave other users the chance to try out what the iOS 10 had in store, and Pangu has successfully come up with a way to jailbreak it — a feat which was thought to be unachievable.

It was also expected that the Pangu team will release jailbreaks for other previous iOS versions, but it looks like the team will be focusing on the iOS 10, as most users will most likely update their devices to the latest operating system instead of older ones. The official release of the iOS 10 will be this September along with the much awaited iPhone 7, and till then, users can wait until they can jailbreak the iOS 10 for their devices.

Pangu has not made any competition with the jailbreaking game so far, but a user in Toronto (by the username iH8sn0w on Twitter) has posted a Youtube video of a successful jailbreak of an iPhone 5 running on the iOS 10.


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