Why Your Coffee Taste Stale – How to Brew a Cup of Coffee

Nothing makes early mornings better than a steaming cup of Joe. For many, the drink serves as a reward managing to crawl out of bed when it was the last thing you wanted to do. So nothing is more disappointing than taking a sip and finding your coffee is stale. Fortunately, there might be a super simple solution to your coffee woes.

First, the obvious: Fresh beans are a must. Anything else and your coffee won’t have that rich taste you crave. But there’s another very important factor for a tasty cup: cold water. Using warm water will leave your brew tasting super stale. Why? Well, since water should stay 195 and 206 degrees Fahrenheit during the brewing process to extract optimum flavor, using warmer water will affect the accuracy of the heat — and therefore the quality of the taste.


If your coffee still tastes stale, your beans probably are the problem. So when you stock up on new ones, choose a store that roasts their own for the freshest possible. Your mornings will thank you.


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