New Drake Album ‘Views’ 2016 Rated

Drake’s new album Views (formerly Views from the 6) has dropped. You can find out how to navigate your way through the always messy release strategy and actually listen to the thing here, and what follows is some very scattered initial thoughts from my first listen, track-by-track.

Keep the Family Close

A sparse, orchestral opening. ‘Sparse’ isn’t right, it’s more like stately. Almost Bond theme-esque in its strings stabs. Reminiscent of that ‘big’ sound The Weeknd went for on his latest album.

Trust issues form the theme, centring around the line ‘All of my “let’s just be friends” are friends I don’t have anymore’.

Made me laugh a little that Drake sings this line with a straight face: ‘Always saw you for what you could’ve been / Ever since you met me / Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley’. Love a vehicular simile.

Oh boyyyyy. This beat. Producers 40 and Boi-1da take a fey shimmer that sounds like a waterfall on some distant tropical planet, riddle it with hi-hats and underpin it with an almost video game-sounding synth.

Track’s all about his hometown, ‘I turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now’ – Drake saying he’s turned Toronto on its head. A pretty chilled start to the album so far.

U With Me?

DMX sample. Another twisted love song, Drake is anxious about whether his girl is really with him. It’s not the dancehall record some expected so far – this track feels like it could be on Take Care or even Thank Me Later.


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