Fake iPhone Jailbreak Scams for iOS 9.3 Users

While it has been made clear that there is no iOS 9.3 jailbreak [ Pangu 9.1 in the making – ext link ] available yet at the time of writing this article, some people can’t wait and they scour the web looking for one . And to cater to these people, there are quite a few websites claiming that they and they alone, have the only iOS 9 jailbreak software that works.

Some sites are even offering a jailbreak and unlock service all in one – something hasn’t been done for a long time. Even TaiG are not offering that and they are the only team of developers who are working on a legitimate iOS jailbreak. So, we can’t tell you when the new TaiG 9.1 Jailbreak [ext link] utility is going to be released yet but we can tell you how to spot, and avoid a Fake Jailbreak site. If you take this information on board, you won’t waste any time or money on something that simply doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.

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