What’s Your Main Reason for Pirating Music, Movies and Apps?

Music and movies pirating has been on the rise, but has it reached it’s peak? What is your reason for downloading illegal content?

HUB TELEGRAM: The music industry is a business whose success depends on certainty in the legal environment and on copyright law. This is a constant and ever-changing challenge – the music market internationally continues to be distorted by unfair competition from unlicensed services.

Digital piracy is the biggest single threat to the development of the licensed music sector and to investment in artists. It undermines the licensed music business across many forms and channels – unlicensed streaming websites, peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks, cyberlockers and aggregators, unlicensed streaming and stream ripping and mobile applications.


A user that goes by the name KaraZorEl on Kickass.to said: “Piracy is not stealing. Copyright laws (which date back to the Queen Anne Statute of 1710) are protectionist laws aimed at creating and maintaining monopolies. This greatly benefits the producers, but doesn’t benefit anyone else.

For example: old public domain works such as the Three Musketeers keep getting made and remade over and over. How much money and how many jobs did all those remakes create? By comparison, a copyrighted story like the Hunger Games can only be made with the permission of the copyright holder. This is also true for older movies like The Name of the Rose- good movies that would benefit from a modern update.

Increasing the difficulty of making anything only serves to create an incentive against making things. I believe that if we got rid of copyright law, unemployment would disappear overnight. There would just be too many people finding new and profitable ways to get things done”.


Another user said: “The most money? Nobody would be making any money!
If copyright were to dissapear, facilities like KAT/popcorn time/YTS would popup and grow so exponentially fast. There would be no way to make any realistic money if you could not legally copyright your material. So the BBC won’t be selling any DVDs and these fan productions wont even get made, because they cant aquire the proper funding if they cant make any money.

Btw I do agree with you that its not the movie that costs the most is the best. But all movies with a decent production value cost AT LEAST a few hundred thousand dollars. In fact feature movie production that have budgets below a million dollars are catagorized as no-budget movies. Most people dont realise that making movies really costs a WHOLE lot of money even if you dont have people with huge paychecks. So I’m not saying we need copyright laws so that johnny depp can get a 40 million dollar paycheck on his net movie titter. I’m saying we need copyright laws so that properly made movies can be made period. No copyright laws, means that making a million dollar movie is no investment, but a certain loss. Those sums of money are simply too big to be put into something thats not commercially interested”.


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