The End of Google PageRank: Google Kills Off Its Most Visible Ranking Factor

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We gather here today to remember Google PageRank.

John Mueller confirms that Google is removing PageRank scores from the public eye completely. Google Toolbar and non-Chrome browsers may still show the scores for the next few weeks, but enjoy it while it lasts. That data will soon be unavailable—if it hasn’t disappeared already.

PageRank was pretty much the first algorithm Google used to put itself on the map. It incentivized users to use Google over other search engines like Lycos and Yahoo.

PageRank helped establish that building quality backlinks is a critical part of today’s SEO strategy. But PageRank also had its share of controversies. And now that it will be gone, ranking on Google becomes an even more mystifying process. No longer will you get to see how your webpage scores.

Remembering Google PageRank

PageRank’s visibility is dead, but no one’s exactly in mourning. And that’s because there…

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