Ghostly Figure of a Lady Has Been Caught on Camera in a Library

HUB TELEGRAM: A GHOSTLY ‘figure of a lady’ has been caught on camera in a library – with locals believing the spirit was seeking to avenge the sale of the 100-year-old property.

In a bid to stop it being sold to private investors, campaigners had secured a six-month lease for Stafford’s Old Library, hoping to showcase the property’s potential as a public building.

Campaign group Friends of the Old Library want to raise £650,000 to save the building – currently in a state of disrepair – from becoming a restaurant after it was put up for sale last June.

However, locals now believe a real-life Woman In Black has been caught on camera at the old library – after a ghostly apparition appeared during a late night gig at the Grade II listed building.

Chris Healey, 37, noticed the shape of the woman hovering behind performer Jonathan Watkiss.

The small gig, hosted by Jonathan and his band Flesh Eating Foundation, was attended by around 10 other campaigners on January 20.

The group now claim the figure could be one half of a pair of elderly sisters – who legend has it refused to make way for the building in 1912, until a covenant was signed agreeing it would remain in public hands.

Jonathan, 43, one of the lead campaigners, says he had his own ‘encounter’ with the spirit while setting up the gig – though he believes it was friendly towards him because he was working to protect the building.

Jonathan, who suffers from tunnel vision and has a guide dog, said: “I was on my own setting up for the gig later that night when something suddenly ruffled my hair from above.

“It felt exactly like a hand doing it, like an affectionate uncle might, but there was nothing there at all. Nothing hanging down from the ceiling and no wind.

“I didn’t think anything of it for a while until Chris showed me this picture and then it made me realise that this could have been what ruffled my hair. The picture does quite clearly show the figure of a lady stooping over us while we perform.

“I’m a bit of a sceptic myself but then we had some ghost hunters and a medium come in separately and they too described the presence of a lady who was not born there but was drawn to the place, which all ties together.


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