My Ghost Story: A Demon in My House or Sleep Paralysis?

HUB TELEGRAM: I have read a lot on Sleep Paralysis (for those who don’t know what it is, when someone is about to fall asleep, or just waking up from sleep, they can’t move or speak, but they can move their eyes and breathe), but I am still uncertain on whether or not paranormal things can happen while experiencing this. I still do highly believe that this was paranormal, and not just a dream.

I was about 9 at the time and I lived just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m almost 18 now and still vividly remember this experience.

I remember it being a snow day, and being very bright outside when I woke up. I quickly realized that I couldn’t move, nor speak. I tried to scream for my dad, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t scream.

I ended up just laying there in my bed. (My bed was faced where the end of it is towards the door, so I had a clear view of outside my room with the door open.) The house was fairly new at the time, and no one was home except my dad. He was downstairs taking a nap while all of this happened.

I started staring out the doorway, and quickly noticed something go past the door. It was very tall, and full black. It almost looked like it was wearing a robe that flew back while going from one place to another. I remember just noticing that it was almost hovering, and going too fast than anyone could run, it was as it was flying.

At this point I could speak again, but was too afraid to scream or run. I just kept watching, as it repeatedly went back and forth down my hallway. Eventually it stopped and I immediately ran to my dad downstairs. I still don’t know what exactly happened, but I do consider it paranormal.


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  1. Gatekeeper says:

    Cases where sleep paralysis is unable to explain is where there is more then once experiencing the event or unusual physical marks showing on the body in accounts where the person was touched or assaulted.

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