This is What You Need to Consider When House Hunting – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE — Searching for the perfect home is thrilling – but it can also be an exhausting process says, Local Records Office. It’s a good idea to approach house hunting with the right attitude or you might crumble under the pressure. Here are the five things to keep in mind while searching for a home. These guidelines are not set in stone, but should provide some structure to your strategy.

The Price

While price is the main issue for many families purchasing a home, it’s wise to consider the ongoing costs associated with general house upkeep. Even if you are in the position to buy, there are numerous costs associated with home ownership says, Local Records Office. If you buy something that is at the top of your price range you might find yourself in trouble as appliances break and maintenance is required. People forget about all the costs associated with home ownership (repairs, maintenance, general upkeep like yard work and pool costs). It is easy to find yourself in over your head very quickly.

The Location

We all know the saying “location, location, location,” but it’s true. Location is key. With that in mind you have to think about not just the neighborhood, but also your actual neighbors. Even if you find a great house in a great neighborhood, if your neighbors are loud, slovenly, or inconsiderate, suddenly your dream home looks a lot less appealing. Also, think about the schools in the area (if you have kids or plan to), proximity to churches/synagogues (because of parking and noise issues for services, funerals, etc.) and what else is around the property. Parks, fire stations, stores, bars, student houses – all of these can dramatically affect the pleasure you get from your home.

The Size

Local Records Office says, “You want to be sure that the space accommodates all of your needs including number of bedrooms, study or home office if needed, and appropriate family and entertaining space if that is something that you do”. Also remember that closets and storage areas are integral spaces in a home and can prevent rooms from feeling crowded and small. If you have a lot of belongings, or you’re downsizing from a larger home, make sure your new place has storage options to keep the clutter at bay.

The Future

Keep in mind that your needs will change as your family grows, or children grow up and leave. If you’re looking for a house as an older couple or plan to stay long past retirement, be aware of how your needs might change (for instance, as you age you might prefer rooms all on one floor to prevent injuries). Be sure the property will meet your needs for some period of time so you don’t have to sell and move too quickly after buying. Sometimes it is hard to sell when you want to and the transaction costs associated with buying and selling can really add up says, Local Records Office. Obviously circumstances change and we can’t always control them (getting pregnant with twins instead of a single child could force you to expand your house in a way that you might not have planned for), but thinking ahead can save money and headache down the line.

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