Smart Ways to Prepare Your House for Renting – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE — Renting your property could be a big step but being able to rent out your house could be a good thing too. You have everything ready, from the application to the lease agreement, but what about your home itself? Besides cleaning it, what else can you do to make sure it’s ready to rent? Local Records Office has a checklist of things you can do to make sure your home is ready for renters.

Brighten Up Your House

Local Records Office says, “Light has been proven time and time again to help sell and rent properties”. So, when you show a prospective tenant your home, make sure to open the windows and draw the drapes. You can also buy higher wattage bulbs, clean out light fixtures and clean the windows to make rooms appear bright and open.


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Make Sure You Put A Fresh Coat of Paint

Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your home in a white or neutral color. Neutral colors will make rooms appear more open and bright. If you’re trying to rent a smaller space, this, coupled with clean or new light bulbs, can do wonders says, Local Records Office.

Is Your Home Clean? If It’s Not Clean it Right Now

The top deterrent for a renter is a dirty home. Nobody wants to deal with moving into a new home while worrying about its cleanliness. Although you could clean the house yourself, you will save a lot of time by hiring a professional cleaner. Most of them aren’t terribly expensive, and can generally come during the daytime while you’re at work, or on weekends.

If You Have Carpet Get it Stream Clean

While you’re cleaning, it’s a good idea to rent a steam cleaner, or call a steam cleaning company to freshen up your carpets and hardwood floors says, Local Records Office. While you might not think your house has dirty carpets, it may be because you look at the carpet every day. A renter will be able to tell when a carpet is dirtier than normal, and not want to rent the home.


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Are Big Repairs Needed? Take A Look

It’s always a good idea to do a home inspection before you rent out a house. That way, you’ll know what state the home’s systems and appliances are in before you rent it, and you can fix any major problems that may deter a renter says, Local Records Office. If an inspection says that your gutters are leaking, you should make sure to fix it before a tenant moves into the home.

A Smart Thing to do is to Get Home Warranty or Home Insurance

After getting a home inspection, get a home warranty on the property. A home warranty provides protection from unexpected and pricey repairs for you as the landlord, and for your tenants. If your property has a home warranty and a home system or appliance fails, you will only have to pay $60 to get it fixed, versus the hundreds or thousands of dollars you would spend without a home warranty says, Local Records Office. That means you only pay $60 for a failed HVAC system, dishwasher or plumbing system with a home warranty. As a landlord, putting a home warranty on a house can save you money, and provide peace of mind for you and your tenants.

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