Amazon Has a Sweet New Deal for Video Gamers

This could save hardcore gamers some money

Play lots of video games? Got Amazon Prime? Then you’ll love the online retailer’s latest announcement.

Amazon Prime members will now get 20% off the cost of new video games ordered through the site, the company announced Tuesday. That knocks about $12 off the price of a $60 title.

The discount applies to physical copies of new games either pre-ordered before their release date or purchased in their first two weeks of availability. Games pre-ordered on Amazon are shipped to be delivered on release day.

It’s worth noting that Best Buy has a similar deal, Gamers Club Unlocked, with a lower cost of entry. Best Buy’s program offers the same 20% discount, along with other perks, for $30 every two years. Amazon Prime, meanwhile, costs $99 a year. But Prime also comes with a host of other non-gaming benefits, like free two-day shipping, access to Amazon’s streaming movie and TV catalog and lots more.


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