Old YTS/YIFY vs. YTS.ag: 5 Ways New YTS Claims It’s Better Than The Original

Hub Telegram: When YTS.ag first came out, it claimed close association with the old YTS/YIFY team that went offline following legal tussle with the MPAA but operators of the site eventually admitted that it is a new project that mirrors the torrent qualities of the original YIFY releases.

But while acknowledging that it is practically a clone of the defunct YTS website, YTS.ag insists that the new operation comes with enhancements that somehow beat the original. In its latest blog post, the new YTS lists the key improvements torrent fans will see on the new domain:

Releases from YTS.ag come in 720p, 1080p and 3D versions that replicate the old operation in two ways – decent video quality and small size. As YIFY has stated in the past, its service was geared for torrent users with no access to large bandwidth or superfast Internet connection, which mostly explains the small movie titles available for free download.


YIFY made its name for providing quality videos and according to YTS.ag, it not only continuing on that tradition but also improving on the releases, specifically the latest titles. “We can safely say that even the video is a bit better,” the site representative William said in the post.

Higher audio encoding

William also highlighted the audio improvements packed with the new YTS.ag releases. Sound quality has been identified as a weakness in the old YIFY releases that only came with 96kbps encoding, which is inferior even to the most popular MP3 file size that encodes at 128kbps.

The new films titles on YTS.ag have all been audio encoded at 128kbps, William said.

Wide selection of subtitles

Like the old YTS, YTS.ag directs to YIFYSubtitles.com where users can obtain subtitles that were uploaded by community members. The .srt files are mostly accurate and sync with the movies and the collection continues to grow as users constantly upload new files.

No ads, no malware

Unlike the old YTS site that came with pop up ads when users click on a link, YTS.ag is proud of the fact that its operation is add-free, for now. The post also assured that visitors of the site will not get malwares, which is a common security problem for torrent operators like Kickass Torrents or KAT.

Respect for user privacy

The security measures in place on YTS.ag are complemented by the policy of respecting users’ privacy. “We have no intention of collecting … users’ personal information at all for any purpose,” YTS.ag declared on its blog post.


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  1. Phantom of the Opera says:

    Long live the [new] king?


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