Hub Telegram: The epidemic of Netflix and chill has finally been explained, that is, if you believe every study out there. Hogwarts, oops, Oxford University just published a study that sheds some light on why certain people just don’t feel like doing anything all day but sitting in their pajamas and maybe ordering take-out. According to the new research, those who aren’t motivated have a less efficient brain structure.

A team of neuroscientists had volunteers fill out a questionnaire which scored their level of motivation. Then, researchers played a game with the participants in which the researchers made the participants offers that required varying degrees of physical effort. Each offer had an award at the end in exchange for physical exertion. While volunteers played the “game,” researchers examined their brains through MRI machines.


The researchers reported being really surprised by the results. They discovered that those who showed lower levels of motivation also showed more activity in one area of the brain. After taking an in-depth look at the brain scans, researchers found that the extra activity was a result of more energy being used due to less effective connections in the front part of the brain. Basically, the apathetic individuals had to mentally work harder to reach the same result.

Keep in mind that this is just one study, and can’t explain why everyone is lazy all the time. Occasionally, those sweatpants just woo you into a sweet embrace. But, researchers are hoping that they can take this information and apply it to those who are “pathologically apathetic” as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or a previous stroke.

Lots more testing needs to be done, so don’t go blaming your brain every time you skip laundry day. After all, quarters are a bitch.


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