5 Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent – Local Records Office

(Local Records Office – Olympia, WA) We have a love and hate relationship with our real estate agent. We love them because they find us the home of our dreams; we hate them because if someone else offers them a better offer they will leave you in the cold at a flip of a dime says Local Records Office. Choosing a reliable real estate agent can be an exhaustive process than buying a property. It requires lot of research and knowledge to select a competent agent. Some people do not know what things to look for and ask while they choose an agent. Here are 5 questions one must ask a real estate agent to get the transaction process completed successfully.

How Many Clients Have You Served?

Local Records Office says, “A competent real estate agent will give you up-to date knowledge according to the law”. He will not try to cover his inexperience with vague explanations. You may also ask for references to know the reliability of the agent. If he does not provide you with quick references, he is not worth your time and deal. An honest agent will give you the details of his clients whom he has served. You may contact them to know the credibility of the agent.

How Will You Advertise My Property?

Advertising plays important role when it comes to selling property. Most of the agents fail to provide access to your property says, Local Records Office. This way you lose the attention of most buyers. A good real estate agent will send advertisement of your property in newspapers, online listings, postcards and websites. It enhances the chances of driving eyes and traffic to your property.

Who is Your Active Competitor in the Region?

The answer of the agent will tell you how knowledgeable your agent is. Staying up-to-date with your competitors is important to know, as they are the people who stand close to you says, Local Records Office. To be ahead of them, he should put some extra efforts.

How Available Are You?

A busy agent may skip your call or reply late to your emails whereas a good agent will be accessible easily. He immediately replies to the emails and calls. If he is not available, he appoints someone to answer the queries of the clients to avoid any trouble says, Local Records Office.

What Will be Your Commission?

The answer of the agent will let you know how much you will have to pay says, Local Records Office. You may compare the commission with other agents to know how reasonable an agent is. A good agent will give you proper explanation about all the process and commission in detail. At any point of time, you will not feel that he is making non-genuine profits.

Choosing the right real estate agent is equally important, as he will decide the destiny of your property. A good agent respects the customer and tries to make beneficial use of resources and information.

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