This is the Tumblr that got an Ohio man charged with inciting terrorism

Hub Telegram: The most incriminating post on the Tumblr account that the FBI says belongs to 25-year-old Terrence McNeil—the post that got him arrested for soliciting violence on Thursday—urges readers to kill specific U.S. military personnel.

But McNeil’s posts weren’t always so inflammatory. In fact, the Tumblr believed to be his—which was still online as of Thursday evening—contains lots of stuff you’d find on many other Tumblrs: cartoon screenshots, memes, and images of cute animals. Only in the past year or so did it shift to include posts on ISIS, photos of the smoking World Trade Center, videos of extremist preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, and condemnations of the U.S. and Iran. Taken together, the Tumblr is a fascinating portrait of an apparently normal American young person who appears to have been gradually converted into an ISIS supporter.

When he started the account in October 2010, McNeil mostly posted gif’s and photos of Pokémon and scantily clad girls.

What seems to be one of the first posts about Islam appeared in October 2014, between a screenshot of a Gundam robot and a gif of a woman feeling her breasts. “WHEN ALLAH BLESSES YOU FINANCIALLY, DON’T RAISE YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING, RATHER RAISE YOUR STANDARD OF GIVING,” McNeil reblogged from an account that appears to share Qur’an verses. His next post mentioning Islam was a few of weeks later, a photo mourning the death of an al-Nusra Front fighter in Syria.

In January 2015, posts about Islam become the norm on McNeil’s Tumblr. (The last time he posted a photo of a naked woman was November 2014.) He included more verses, photos of Saudi King Abdullah, and several posts in Arabic. But there are also a lot of photos of cute dogs.


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