Alligators are one of those animals you can totally see being related to dinosaurs — but when one this big’s swimming around your local swimming hole, well, you might just believe dinosaurs never went away in the first place.

Authorities said this toothy monster — captured in Lake Eufaula, Alabama on August 14th — measured a whopping 13ft, 6in long and officially weighed in at 920lbs, according to a report by the Associated Press. Or in other words, they found 920 reasons why you should never swim in Lake Eufaula.

Caught by Scott Evans along with his friends, Jeff and Justin Gregg, the beast is expected to snap up the record for biggest alligator to come out of the lake — and even result in 250lbs of meat, according to a report by Unsurprisingly, It took six men to pull the sucker in and secure it, according to the report.

In addition to the lake record, the catch might be the state’s second heaviest alligator ever killed in a regulated hunt, coming in about 100lbs lighter than a world record-breaking gator caught last year that weighed in at 1,011.5lbs and spanned an insane 15ft, 9in. However, as the report points out, 115lbs of that was a freaking deer in the alligator’s stomach. That’s comforting. Not for the deer, of course.


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